Abilities Unlimited of the Carolinas, Inc, (AUCarolinas) is a completely volunteer-run 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Formed in June 2005 by three fathers of physically disabled children, AUCarolinas began by serving the greater Charlotte, NC community. Since then, we have grown to serve children and their families in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Our mission is to create, develop, and energize the human spirit for those individuals with physical disabilities through adaptive activities and enhancements in their able-bodied environment. Supported only by the generous donations through public fundraising events, corporate sponsorships, and grants we are the primary sponsor for seven programs for physically disabled individuals that compete regionally and nationally in wheelchair basketball.

Advocating for our families

AUCarolinas’ first focus is on advocating for our families to have the same positive life experience as every other family. We do this through a multi-faceted approach that has proven results in attaining independence and gainful employment.

We assist our families getting Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) in their child’s school

We have relationships with Eagle SportsChairs, Per4Max, RGK, and Top End that make getting a wheelchair easier and more efficient

We have contacts with local Vocational Rehab agencies and the experience to ensure our families receive proper care

We present an opportunity to attend colleges or universities for these kids to fulfill their dream of independence, education, and a prosperous career

Pushing for equality and inclusion

AUCarolinas advocates for our families by pushing for equality and inclusion for those with physical disabilities. Our families visit local high schools and elementary schools to showcase how using a wheelchair doesn’t prevent you from living a prosperous life. At these events, we provide sports chairs for others to get in, use, and experience what our families experience every day. It is usually a fun day for everyone involved and really drives home the fact that we are not too different from each other.

Equality does not mean the same outcome, it means having the same opportunity. The same opportunity to succeed in life, at school, at work, with friends, and in relationships. Our community gives our families that opportunity and allows us to share it with others who may not realize how inaccessible the world actually is.