Medical Information Exchange

AUCarolinas provides an exceptional service to new and existing families: a vast collection of medical care knowledge from families that have been there and done that. Amputees, Spina Bifida, and Cerebral Palsy are among the many disabilities served by our program. Our families have been through insurance and billing issues, through the numerous surgeries and hospitals stays, and have felt the emotion of not knowing what the next day may bring for their child. For new families, having that resource can be the most comfort they have felt in years!

Promoting Positive Mental Health

Mental Health is not only important for disabled children, but for their parents and other siblings. We provide that service by incorporating an outlet through basketball and other adaptive activities. Exclusion pays a heavy toll on our mental health and by providing a safe space for the families of disabled children and their siblings, it really pushes the notion that everyone has a place in this world in which they belong.

Uplifting Marginalized Communities

It has been established that persons in the BIPOC community have been marginalized for decades. Factor in a disability and the level of resources decreases further. As a marginalized community, those with disabilities face challenges in both the workplace and school unlike many able-bodied people. Those challenges may be visible or not, but they are always present. Always viewed as the underdog, disabled children often must work twice as hard as able-bodied kids just to have the same opportunity. AU works to bridge the gaps actively for those families and players.

Furthering Student’s Education

Abilities Unlimited stresses three things: Listen to you parents, listen to your teachers, and do well in school. We have had over 55 nationally recognized academic award winners in our program and sent students to further their education at the University of Alabama, the University of Arizona, the University of Illinois, Newberry College, the University of Texas-Arlington, and Wingate University among many others.