Hornets Season Results

2017-18 Results # of # of
Tourneys Games Final
# of # of (includes (includes National Final
Team/Division Players Coaches Future) Future) Rank Record
Prep Teal 18 2 3 13 18th 1-12
Prep Purple 7 2 4 20 1st 19-1
Varsity 13 4 5 24 11th 14-10
Women’s 9 2 1 8 5th 2-6
DIII 12 2 4 26 13th 15-11
DII 10 2 5 20 3rd 14-6
Totals 69 14 21 111 65-46

Rochelle and Landon Benton in the News
Rochelle & Landon Benton-Mother/Son duo conquers wheelchair basketball
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National Champions

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Coach Mike Godsey in the News

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Batum surprises Jr. Rollin’ Hornets wheelchair basketball team

On his first day off after a long road trip, Nic Batum could take advantage of some much-needed rest. Instead, the Hornets’ small forward spent Sunday afternoon hanging out with the Jr. Rollin’ Hornets wheelchair basketball team…


Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets Junior and Adult Teams Finish 5th in the Nation

Two of Charlotte’s Rollin’ Hornets wheelchair basketball teams captured fifth-place finishes at the 68th Annual NWBA National Championship Tournament held in Louisville, KY from April 7-10….