Christmas, Christmas Time Is Here- Again!


The swoosh of hoops and the….clink of serving spoons?

Those two things sound like an odd combination, but they herald the beginning of one of the Rollin’ Hornets’ favorite activities, the annual Christmas Party.

Last year the Rollin’ Hornets had over 70 people attend the Christmas Party. That number included four former players/coaches that are in college, five adult players, seventeen junior players, and three coaches.

Over the five-hour period, the Hornets got in a solid four hours of basketball. Laughter reigned as a team of family and friends tried in vain to beat out the mixed-age group Hornets team.

This year you can join the Rollin’ Hornets again for a night of hoops and fun to celebrate the holidays. The party is for players and immediate family members of the prep, varsity, and adult teams.

If you’re coming, please sign up to bring food for us all to share. The plan is to eat first, and then play some ball.

And by the way- please remember to bring a serving spoon with your dish.

**Providence Presbyterian is a NUT FREE ZONE. All products must be peanut and tree nut free. We have athletes that are allergic.**